Smoking Club (129 Rules) (2016)

Comedia | 80 min

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  • A feature film by Alberto Utrera Comedy with 129 rules.

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Title: SMOKING CLUB (129 RULES).Production year: 2016. Duration: 80’. Format: HD / Scoope. Language: Español. Production Company: MoA STUDIO. Director: ALBERTO UTRERA. Genre: COMEDIA. Music: UNIVERSAL MUSIC y Desert Dogs


Oscar is a man in his late thirties who, after a “life crisis”, leaves his job as a civil servant and breaks up with his girlfriend to set up a cannabis smoking club with a friend from college, lawyer Danny. Oscar has one basic rule: “The club is a space of freedom.” A place in which one can take refuge from the outside world and is able to be oneself. As his first rule was somewhat ambiguous, he had to include 128 more rules to guarantee smooth operaKon of the club and freedom that he wanted to offer so much to his customers.

Soon everything begins to fall apart and lose sense for him. Oscar is not sure if the problem is that people are not prepared for that kind of freedom. Or maybe it is he who is not prepared to move on and is just hiding from reality. Or maybe the problem is the 3 kilos of grass that should not have been there and have suddenly disappeared … He will know it soon.

The story introduces three groups of peculiar misfits that don’t know each other, and when the tension rises between them, the whole club is put at risk. Oscar will try to rescue his dream with the help of his overprotecKve sister Elena (Natalia Mateo) and Danny, who will demonstrate that goodwill is not a synonym for success.



  • IV International Film Festival de Cine de Calzada de Calatrava (July 2017, Spain)
  • “El Novelísimo” International Debut Film Festival (July 2017, Spain)
  • Calella Film Festival (May 2017, Spain)
  • Craft Film Festival (April 2017, Spain)
  • Málaga Film Festival (March 2017, Spain) GOYA’S QUALIFYER NATIONAL PREMIERE

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