We can not be more happy to announce that we have already passed the major milestone of the 1,000 selections for all our shorts and documentaries that we have and we are distributing in the almost three years of our career. We would like to thank all those filmmakers, especially the short filmmakers, who have believed and trusted us to distribute their work. Here we review the shorts with which we have evolved:

2013: [1] 1 short fiction.


2014: [8] 7 short (1 Documentary, 1 animation, 5 fictions ), and 1 long documentary.

Bella, Ephemeral, Sináptica, The Forbidden Education, Mama Please Forgive Me, All You Do Is Shag, No Corpse Dumping, Sand Mother.

2015: [26] 22 short films (19 fictions, 2 documentaries, 1 animation), 4 feature films (3 documentaries and 1 fiction).

Sináptica, Mama Please Forgive Me, The Forbidden Education, All You Do Is Shag, No Corpse Dumping, Sand Mother, Tomboys, Homage to Switcherland, Pure Reality, Anywhere, Heirs, Fingerprints, My Brother, Bella, Baratometrajes 2.0, Girl Seeks Girl, Fishermen, We All are Eternals, Slinky, Tears of Africa, The Enemy, Vera’s Song, The Sbaraglia’s Shoulder, Final Light, The Portrait.

2016: [32] 29 short films (23 fictions, 6 documentaries and 1 animated), 3 feature films (2 documentaries and 1 fiction)

Tomboys, Pure Reality, Anywhere, Heirs, Fingerprints, My Brother, Girl Seeks Girl, Fishermen, Are All Eternals, Caresses, I was always Alex, Broken Basket, 32th December, Labyrinth, Motel Hassankeyf, Ladybug, Red Phone, Niger Viduae, Blindly, A look, the Enemy, Tears of Africa, Rough Cut, Waiting for the (t) Rain, the Broken Side of Time, 82 Years, The Sbaraglia’s Shoulder, Fresco Fiasco, The Forbidden Education, Eighteen Fifteen.

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