5 Strategies we use to enroll at festivals enrollment rates

Festivals enrollment rates continue to grow, it is a process that is growing. For example, the Tirana International Film Festival, which closes registration on 1 August, has added a new rate of 10 €.

This trend is being confirmed every year and we should be aware of these payments in our strategy festivals. Currently it is difficult to do without paying registration fees because they can pose to stay out of many festivals that are worth. Not more reserve a portion of our budget to pay these fees.

Let’s see some basic strategies, which we consider to deal with payments festivals rate:

The first and most important are the deadlines earlies. Most festivals, especially in the United States, have different prices depending on the date of registration. Prices may rise to twice the early to late deadline. In addition, there are festivals having a first free deadline and the remaining payment.
Before enrolling in a late deadline may be more convenient to wait a few months and do it early in the next edition, we will save on budget and we will have more options to be selected.
This leads us to have to plan well our calendar of festivals. Devote a little time to organize properly can result in considerable savings. Make a preliminary budget and know well where you can fit my movie can help us a lot, especially in an increasingly saturated market, where festivals receive thousands of entries each year.
We can also take advantage of discounts and promotions. There are festivals that make discounts according to the registration dates. Last year, for example, Aesthetica Festival, launched a promotional campaign when he opened the call, the first inscriptions had a 50% discount on the platform and registration filmfreeway.com a section of special discounts festivals.
In this line of discounts and many festivals, especially in the United States, they have waivers (except for payment of fees) and discounts for alumni are directors who have previously had a film selected at the festival. There are directors who sometimes escapes this option, which is especially important, most festivals like track selected directors and especially awarded at the festival.
Finally, there are festivals depending on the type of film have different prices, for example in the Tribeca Film Festival’s short film section of students is free, and Atlanta video clips are free in the first three deadlines, therefore, as I said before, good planning is essential and saves us a lot of money in fees.
In the case of discounts and promotions that I mentioned, most occur in countries with a long tradition of charging fees. In the case of Spain, and other countries where enrollment rates are more recent, it is difficult to find these promotions and discounts, also due to a price lower rates.

In addition to these strategies we can apply for waivers directly to festivals, get an exception rate is increasingly difficult, many directors and distributors upon request at the same time, we can not forget that festivals are financed through these charges.

In any case, if I decide to do, there are a couple of important considerations that you should consider:

Send a personalized email very soon (in the early deadline).
Explaining well in the email the reasons that lead us to ask this exception rate (for example, students short films, low-budget films, have been selected at major festivals, etc.).
I hope this post has helped you to plan festivals rates. But if for lack of funds, finally you can not afford them, here are two options to be very note: the blog entry No film festivals dedicated to festivals without registration fees and filmfreeway.com you can make a filter with no fee festivals.


Fuente: Ismael Martin Blog