Beatriz Moya

Beatriz Moya


Beatriz Moya was born on March 21 in Argamasilla de Alba, Ciudad Real. She studied drama at Replika Teatro school in Madrid from 2012 to 2015.

Later she started her studies in documentary creation and production. She produced and performed her first experimental short film on March 2015, called “Vorágine” (Maelstrom) which was accepted in the Loophole‘s Boddinale Festival in Berlin (Germany).

Afterwards, in April, she first starred in “Calle Orlof” (Orlof street), a film directed by Alexander Bakshaev. Months later, she played her second main role in “Schön”, a film directed by the versatile producer David Quilles Guilló and the director Frank Kalero.

She wrote her second short film “Todos somos eternos” (We all are eternal) with Paola Ruzzini on October 2015. This attractive work is an existentialist portrait dedicated to cancer victims.

Among all her works, it is remarkable her participation in different media: video, painting and performance.