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Mariu Bárcena (March 4, 1988) is an actress born in Vitoria (Spain)

She studied in her earlier dance and acting in Vitoria (Gasteiz). Once in Madrid, formed in schools as Sandra Toral, Cristina Rota, laundry, JC Actors, to end in the Studio of Juan Carlos Corazza. Among his most outstanding works as an actress are the films “The heaven in hell “Norberto Ramos del Val,” 1001 brides “Fernando Merinero, “Toxic Love” by Norberto Ramos del Val, “Bella” by Tania Galán (with whom he won the festival in Los Angeles neo-noir film festival II MMXIV) and in theater productions such as “Dear imbecile” Norberto Ramos del Val and “The conquest of Mexico” Pierre Audi. He has worked as a writer “root, licorice” (editorial cultivalibros) and as a model for photographers like Alfonso Ohnur, Sergio de Luz or firms as Sybilla, Mum and Vinegar, is an active member of the group of filmmakers InOut Filmmakers, Pinta and firm the pseudonym Uiram and gestalt therapist.


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