Sonia Sebastián

Sonia Sebastian


Sonia Sebastian is a Spanish producer, writer and director. She run the successful TV series “Girl seeks Girl” broad casted in Spain on Terra Tv and distributed in DVD by Pridefilms. Also the TV series is being distributed in the US by Wolfe TV and the DVD will come out in November 2009.

She is the Executive Producer, writer and director of the feature film “De Chica en Chica” (“Girl Gets Girl).

Co-Creator and co-writer of a new TV series named “Amazing Future”. The project will be produced by Subtilly and Pocapena Producciones in Spain.

Script collaborate for the pilot episode of a new TV series in the US, “La Manzana” shot in New York City in the summer of 2009.

She has directed the short movies “Grotesqués Road Movie”, “Ladridos”, “Elisa Guzmán”, “Two women, a bird and a sad love story” and “Dad is gone”. All of them have had a wide participation in either national or international film festivals. Her short movie “La Llamada” won the first prize in Hollywood Channel.

Sonia Sebastian has directed the followings TV Shows: “Todo es posible en el bajo” (TeleMadrid), Cuñados (Tele5) and “Aquí me las den todas” (Canal 7).

Sonia is writing her next feature film based in Natalie Barney’s life and two projects for TV series in USA.