In the three years of our collaborative platform of Spanish-speaking online filmmakers, InOut Filmmakers, we have developed more than 20 audiovisual projects, which are projected annually in the InOut Filmmakers Exhibition, in collaboration with the Madrid independent cinema, Artistic Metropol, that supports us from our beginnings.

Each year, the innies (name by which platform members are known) develop various projects of all kinds privately through our platform (from the hyphenation, the attainment of the locations to roll, the technical and human equipment). Although the projects in the beginning were quite amateur, nowadays the platform combines amateur projects with more professional projects where the new ones learn, increase their experience, and the result arrives fast for those who daily follow the evolution of the innies.


Currently, Miguel Lafuente, one of innie’s managers and directors, has managed to have his collaborative short, My Brother, which we gladly distribute, reach 44 Screenings and get 5 awards. To date, it is the most laureate work of the platform and the one that is generating the highest returns to innies.

We are very pleased with the success of this project and the rest of the shooting. Keep up growing innies!