filmmakersINOUT FILMMAKERS is an online collaborative platform dedicated to supporting and developing collaborations between filmmakers from all over the world who speak Spanish. We present an online growing network of filmmakers from all disciplines. If you need help getting make your film project and are willing to help others to do the same, Join today and participate.

From InOut Distribution perform collaborative work with the platform to ensure that the projects developed under the seal of the economy of the common good receive greater exposure and financial rewards that will go to all its employees.


IOF aims to create film projects independently, through its own resources and with the cooperation of members in its various facets of development. I this group are welcome both professionals and film lovers who want to learn the art of storytelling. Anyone who wants to present your project, you can upload the script / idea and discuss with other colleagues, but to carry it out, you must first have collaborated on an earlier draft of InOut Filmmakers.

Its more specific objectives are: the generation of film projects, be a resource bank of talent available for the implementation of projects, facilitate contact and sharing of experiences among members, and publication of information of interest to the film industry.