My Brother (2016)

LGBT, Family, Drama, Social. SPAIN. INOUT FILMMAKERS. 5 AWARDS & 51 FESTIVALS | 22 min
Cartel Mi Hermano

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MY BROTHER tells the story of a young Spanish, Alberto, who have fled as far as possible from her conservative family. He lives in Berlin with her partner, and works as an illustrator of comics. But an unexpected event forces him to return to his suffocating Castilian  village and confront not only their own origins but lies who created to survive. To save his guilty he will try to change the future of their tragedy through fiction, as best he can do, drawing. It is a story that takes us from a cosmopolitan, artistic and free world into a deep and hypocritical Spain, that still remains depressed despite the achievements of our society.


MYSTICON Film Festival (February 2018, Usa)

Cinema for Young Audience at El Rosario City Hall (November 2017, Spain)

OutWest Film Fest in Reno-Lake Tahoe, Nevada (September 2017, Usa)

11ª edición del Festival Internacional de Cine Llamale H (September 2017, Uruguay)

MYArt International Film Festival (September 2017, Italy)

Festival International Fuengirola (September 2017, Spain)

LA OTRA BANQUETA Festival de Cine por la Diversidad Sexual (July 2017, Guatemala)

    • 10 Festival Internacional de Cine bajo la Luna de Islantilla (July 2017, Spain)
    • XIV OutfestPerù: Festival de Cine Gay Lèsbico Trans en Lima (June 2017, Peru)
  • I Cuba International LGBT Film Festival (May 2017, Cuba)
  • Queer Hippo International LGBT Film Festival (May 2017, Usa)
  • 33nd Boston International LGTB Film Festival (May 2017, Usa)
  • New Renaissance Film Festival 2017 (March 2017, The Netherlands)
  • KASHISH Mumbia International Queer Film Festival (January 2017, India)
  • SHORTEST DAY 21th December Spain
  • 39th IMAGE+NATION LGBT Montreal International Film Festival (December 2016, Canada)
  • FANCINEGAY LGBT Film Festival Extremadura (November 2016, Spain)
  • Queer Kampala International Film Festival (November 2016, Uganda)
  • EL LUGAR SIN LÍMITES LGBT International Film Festival (November 2016, Ecuador) BEST SHORT FILM
  • Tels Quels Festival / Brussels (October 2016, Belgium)
  • LGBT Fest Stonewall Columbus (November 2016, Usa)
  • International Film Festival “Gay Film Nights” (November 2016, Romania)
  • Cineseptiembre Mazatlán 2016 (September 2016, Mexico)
  • 8º Festival Internacional de Cine Invisible “Film Sozialak” Bilbao 2016 (September 2016, Spain) STUDENTS AWARD
  • RiuRau Film Festival (September 2016, Spain)
  • Festival Alfas del Pi (July 2016, Spain) GOYA’S QUALIFYER
  • CINEMA PRIDE Madrid LGBT Pride 2016 (July 2016, Spain)
  • I Muestra de Cine LGBT del Centro Cultural de España en Malabo (July 2016, Guinea Ecuatorial)
  • 12º Festival de Cine Lesbigaytrans de Paraguay (July 2016, Paraguay) AUDIENCE AWARD
  • I Muestra de Cine LGBTIQ En movimiento (June 2016, Costa Rica)
  • INTEROGANT Film Festival (June 2016, Usa)
  • Tlanchana International Film Fest (June 2016, Mexico)
  • Zinentiendo XI Festival LGBTQI de Aragón (May 2016, Spain)
  • International Film Festival Cine a la Calle (May 2016, Colombia)
  • VII Piélagos en Corto (May 2016, Spain) GOYA’S QUALIFYING
  • XVIIª Muestra de cortos Adolfo Aznar (April 2016, Spain)
  • 15st CINHOMO Muestra Internacional de Cine LGBT de Valladolid (April 2016, Spain)
  • XI FESTIMATGE Festival de Imatge de Calella (March 2016, Spain)
  • Poland International LGBT Film Festival (March 2016, Poland)


  • 3th Festival Internacional de Cine LGBTIQ de Canarias (March 2016, Spain)


  • 13th ZINEGOAK International LGBT Film Festival Bilbao (February 2016, Spain)
  • 15th La Pecca International LGBT Film Festival (February 2016, Spain)
  • Tally Shorts Film Festival (February 2016, Usa) INTERNATIONAL & AMERICAN PREMIERE
  • 13th Mostra Curtametraxes Vila de Noia (December 2015, Spain)
  • 20th LesGaiCineMad Madrid International LGBT Film Festival (November 2015, Spain) NATIONAL PREMIERE

Reviews ( 1 )

  • Gaztelutxo 21 / 06 / 2016

    Un fantástico corto que mezcla animación y ficción para contar una historia aún muy cercana.

    10 / 10

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