Wonders Wander (2017)


Movie Info

  • Director: Shu Lea Cheang
  • A Sci-Fi Mobi-Web-Serial by Shu Lea Cheang Wonders Wander consists of four filmic episodes. Each episode bases its fantasia narratives from the writings and stories of Madrid-based performers. The mobi- web-serial is threaded with an enormous 8 arm Octo- Senso who makes unexpected appearances to endorse power of the people united.

Movie Story

Barrio Malasaña, known by Madrid residents as Maravillas (wonders), was once the countercultural hub of La Movida Madrileña and now hip and trendy with tourists.

Departing from this Madrid Centre’s rebellious past, Wonders Wander, a four episode mobi-web-serial, takes the wonders out of Malasaña to explore off-the-mainstream nouveau queer generation that includes refugees, migrants, functional diversity, transfeminista, transfeminism, open family, subversive motherhoods, sustainable living, and the rise of auto-defense practices for self-empowerment. Wonders Wander with its gps guided city-walks tracks sites of documented homo-trans-phobic attacks that extend to peripheral Madrid.

Along the way, Wonders Wander’s four episodes, filmed respectively at Lavapies in Centro, Vaciador in Carabanchel, La Dragona in Ciudad Lineal and 12 towers in Vallecas, are embedded for viewing and download on site. With a magic realism twist and fantasia narratives, the four movie episodes, titled “With witches, we move”, “As the wheels meet”, “You are mine, only mine”, “Understand?” recount tales of queer resistance with relentless defiance, seductive sensuality and vigorous passion.


  • Vaciador Screening (January 2018, Spain)
  • 7th Pink Life Queer Fest (March 2018, Turkey)
  • Kastania Fest (December 2017, Spain)
  • 9th Some Prefer Cake – Bologna Lesbian Film Festival (September 2017, Italy) ITALIAN PREMIERE
  • TAIWAN Queer International Film Festival (October 2017, Taiwan) BIGGER ASIAN QUEER FESTIVAL. ASIAN PREMIERE.
  • OPORTO QUEER International Film Festival (September 2017, Portugal)
  • LISBOA QUEER International Film Festival (September 2017, Portugal) EUROPEAN PREMIERE

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Movie Showtimes

Centro Cultural Lázaro Carreter

Calle de la Verdad, 29, 28019 Madrid

Show times

  • 7:00PM

Centro Cultural Paco de Lucía

Av. de Las Águilas, 2A, 28044 Madrid

Show times

  • 7:00PM

Centro Cultural Príncipe de Asturias

Av. de la Institución Libre de Enseñanza, 14, 28037 Madrid

Show times

  • 7:00PM

Centro Cultural Alberto Sánchez

Calle Risco de Peloche, 14, 28038 Madrid

Show times

  • 7:00PM