A young team ready …. bla bla bla.

Do you want to read the truth? We are a dynamic team who feel passion for cinema. We believe in the future of the film and want to do our bit to increase audience for any length films (especially shorts). Because a real hit is not defined by the amount of minutes but its content.

Tania Galán


Diploma in Media Production at TAI

Beatriz Hdez


Degree in Audiovisual Communication from the CEU

Carlos Ávila


Film tax advisor

Laura Larxé


Graphic designer and illustrator

Has spent more than 10 years working in various documentaries and short projects. Thanks to my work in the various fields of an audiovisual project, especially after distributing the short film ‘Efímera’ (2012, Diego Modino, over 130 selections and 42 awards), I have decided to launch this company with the aim of improving distribution results for movies. I will learn along the way, what I still do not know.


She has worked in various production equipments, direction and post-production films, series and video clips. Lover of photography, radio and cinema. She has also conducted studies in other fields such as community manager, graphic designer, or image editing. Currently She is managing the online collaborative platform InOut Filmmakers and led the distribution of her projects.


film tax advisor

Graphic designer and illustrator